About our Dojo

Our dojo is the oldest Aikido dojo in Israel. In Jerusalem Aikido Dojo we train at the Seidokan Aikido style, which emphesizes precise and short body movements, which result in a soft, round and powerful movement. Training is done in a friendly environment, while understanding that the knowledge and techniques of the dojo are shared among the whole community, and are not solely owned by the teachers. The aim is to create conditions of mutual acknowledgement and respect, which are at the heart of the art we practice.

Most lessons are open to all students, out of desire for more experienced practitioners to learn from the less experienced and visa versa. In addition there are advanced classes for advanced students and special weapons training sessions, using the traditional Aikido weapons: staff, wooden sword and wooden knife. Classes are open for men and women, youths as well as adults (see below for class schedules).

We train at a spacious facility, located at the student dormatories at the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Registration is directly with the head of the dojo, Prpf. Chaim Noy Sensei (Dan 5), and the cost varies from 40 up to around 210 Shekels (according to categories, e.g. there are student discounts). Upon registration one may attend any and all of our five weekly training sessions, though most people choose to attend only part of the sessions.

Lastly, you are invited to visit us and attend a free lesson.
Bring comfortable and flexible cloths and lots of positive energy (Ki ).

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