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The mobile age is here. Consumers aren’t just going online; they are online on the go -using smartphones more than ever . --------------------------------------------------------------- The mobile age is here. Consumers aren’t just going online; they are online on the go -using smartphones more than ever . The smartphone penetration is burgeoning, all around the world and even where there was no internet access before. For marketers, the dawn of the mobile age represents huge opportunities. As consumer behaviour undergoes a significant revolution, marketers can moreover revolutionise the way they engage customers to drive even more sales, increase engagement and loyalty, and generate very useful buzz. Yet mobile marketing also comes with its challenges. At the base level lies the definition of mobile marketing. Is it a distinct marketing channel, or an amalgamation of other channels? Or, is it simply a device to facilitate channel execution? How does mobile fit within the broader marketing mix? As more people use their smartphones to redeem vouchers or compare prices while shopping both online and in stores, for example, the mobile channel is becoming the ‘glue’ sticking the online and offline worlds . Mobile has proven itself as the dominant channel in marketing, complementing and supporting many other channels in the multichannel mix. Now, marketers really need the ability to include technology-rich channels with more traditional channels to make certain the customer experience is seamless either they are in-store or online, on their Smart phone, or interacting via any of the many other channels.. The maturing of mobile creates a more complex marketing area, in which overwhelming amounts of consumer data can be compiled and analysed. Like never before, marketers need to have the tech-acumen to really understand how all the channels converge, and how each channel can be optimised for where they converge. At this time there is absolutely no doubt that the future is mobile.
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